Fake Drugs Kill ...

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What are counterfeit medicines?
Counterfeit is defined as a breach of the intellectual property right by copying, or reproducing, totally or in parts, a product without the authorization of the owner and by affirming or let believe that the copy is an authentic. Counterfeit has generally a bad connotation and make believe that the product is made from cheap materials compared to the authentic.
In the customer mind, counterfeiting create a confusion. For the product of the company which has been counterfeit, even the economic impact, the use of a counterfeited product can damage severely the company’s image in the world.

There exists several type of counterfeits. Generally, when we say “counterfeit” to someone, the first thing the person will think about is clothes or luxury accessory. According to a survey realized by Sanofi in 2014, only 20% of the interrogated peoples known that medicines could be counterfeited. 
There are different forms of counterfeits drugs: 
  • Equivalent drug: The medicine has been perfectly copied (very rare). This medicine contains the same dosage of active components and excipients. It is very difficult to produce and to detect.  
  • Over-dosed drug: The medicine contains an active component dosage largely over the normal dosage (uncommon).  
  • Under-dosed drug: The medicine contains an under dosage of active component or none (common).  
  • None active drug: The medicine contains no active component (common). 
  • Excipient and Coating: The counterfeit medicine does not contain same excipients and/or the coating of the authentic one. 
  • Impurity: The medicine contains impurities that have been generated during the production.  
  • Toxic product and heavy metals: Counterfeits medicines often contain some toxic products or heavy metals in an important quantity (very common). Those products are not present at all in the authentic medicine. 
It does not mean that generics medicines are counterfeits. They are authentic medicines, made by Pharmaceutical Companies. Those medicines give the same guarantee concerning the quality, the security and effectiveness than the authentic ones.