Fake Drugs Kill ...

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The ANAMED Project
Observations are alarming and worrying:
  • In emerging and developing countries, over 60% of medicines are counterfeited. 
  • Over 50% of medicines bought on Internet are counterfeited. 
  • The counterfeiting of medicines kill every year more than 100 000 peoples in Africa 
  • The seizure of counterfeited medicines is in improving. 
The fight against the counterfeiting of medicines has become an important public issue on the global level. It is very difficult to detect with the vision if a medicines is a false or not. There exists none method for the user to control if a medicine bought on Internet is an authentic one and if it is respecting all guarantees concerning quality imposed to pharmaceuticals companies.  

Our laboratory, the Institute for Research and Scientific Expertise (IRES) commited to develop a solution to that problem. We offer medicines analysis in our scientific laboratory with a guarantee of reliable results.
The main objective of the ANAMED Project is to offer to everyone the opportunity to do a cost effective analysis of a medicine with high quality services in a reduced period. That allows for the largest number to decrease risks linked to the consumption of counterfeited medicines. This analysis service offer is in first place destined to emerging and developing countries in which the counterfeiting of medicines is responsible of the death of thousand and thousand people every year. The analysis is also destined to users who have bought medicines on Internet. It would permit them to be sure on the quality and the authenticity of what they bought. 

To reach this objective, IRES has a laboratory with reliable analytical equipments which allow us to perform the quality control of medicines. 

Young French enterprise, dynamic and innovative, based in Strasbourg in eastern France, IRES launch a crowd funding project with a target amount of 40 000€. The project has been registered on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo.com. All funds collected will be used to finance:
  • The drug standards (active components of reference) 
  • The development and the validation of analytical methods for medicines quality controls 
  • Tests on authentic medicines 
  • A part of the wage of the scientific staff assigned to this project 
  • The creation of a commercial website plateform to easily order drug analysis  
  • The communication and the marketing of the project 
  • The development of national and international collaborations with actors involved in the fight against counterfeiting of medicines