Fake Drugs Kill ...

... Save Your Health: Test it !
What are risks for the health by consuming counterfeits medicines?
Wearing a counterfeit T-shirt or belt never killed someone ...
...Consuming a counterfeit medicine does !

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), in 2010 in Africa, over 100 000 peoples died by consuming counterfeited medicines. In addition, the International Policy Network has estimated that every year in the world more than 700 000 people died cause of consuming counterfeited treatment against malaria and tuberculosis. It is equivalent to 4 heavy-load planes full of passengers that crash every day with no survivor. 

The territories more damaged by the counterfeiting of medicines are Africa, Asia and Latino America. However, Africa is the continent the more touched and count the largest number of victims of false medicines.  

Sanitary risks of false medicines are several and variables depending on the type of the counterfeiting. 
  • Over-dosed drug: The effectiveness of the medicine is equivalent or improved comparing to the authentic one. The treatment could have several bad consequences as to be toxic or give harmful secondary effects. 
  • Under-dosed drug: The effectiveness of the medicine is decreased or ineffectual. In the case of antibiotic, an under-dosage of the active component can cause an improvement of the resistance of the bacteria and would results as an ineffectiveness of the authentic treatment.  
  • None active drug: In the case there is none active component, the medicines would have any therapeutically effect and the ill will progress. 
  • Excipients and Coverage: Excipients and coverages are an important part of all medicines. They serve in the dilution and absorption of the active component by the body. The quantity of excipients and the coverage are calculated exactly. A simple change of excipient or coverage can cause an important modification in the absorption by the body and then cause bad secondary effect or decrease the effectiveness of the medicine for the ill the treatment is fighting against.  
  • Impure drug: The medicine contains impurities that have been generated during the production. Those impurities could have harmful effects on the health. 
  • Toxic product and heavy metals: Counterfeited medicines can contain a large quantity of products extremely toxic (poison). Those products can lead to very harmful effects on the health, particularly for those who are already affected by an illness.  
For those reasons, consuming a medicines bought on Internet without analysis certifying the presence of actives components in the good dosage, the corrects excipients and coverage, the lack of contamination by heavy metals and toxics products, the consumption of those medicines (particularly dubious) can lead to an extremely dangerous risk for the health. That is a real danger!