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Garanties provided by Test-Your-Drug 
Commitment and expertise of our team
Analysis of drug is a very complex task that require high scientific and technical skills and equipements.  Our laboratory has the most recent equipment nedded for drug analysis and our scientific team has the knowledge and technical expertise to perform drug analysis.
Secured payment
When you order drug analysis, payment will be secured.
Before sending your drug for analysis, you will receive by email a sampling form to send with the medecine to analyse. This sampling form contain a unique ID as well as information about the drug to test. Contact information (Name, Adress, Email, Phone ...) are not required. Your analysis report will be downloadable in a secured area using the unique ID provided. 
Customer Service
Any problem during your order? Any information needed? Just contact our customer service. We will answer all your questions as quickly as possible.
Reporting delay
When you order drug analysis, you need to know rapidly if your medecine is counterfeit or not. We engage to deliver the report within the shortest period. Extra cost can be paid to reduce reporting period.